The HUMANS Soundtrack!!!


We're coming back at ya next week with issue #8 and with each issue we also release a soundtrack on our Soundcloud! Issue #8 will include New Orleans Swamp Ape freaks, Heavy Lids and the hooded heaviness from the weirdos of GHOUL!!! We're super psyched, but thats still a week away...

and RIGHT FUCKIN' NOW, you can hit our soundcloud and listen, stream and or download the 8 tracks previously released with issues #5-7!!! CHECK THIS SHIT OUT!!!!!


Issue 5 soundtrack started with the embodiment of a Spazm trip gone wrong in Gary Wrong Groups, WARLORDS WILLING REDUX. We got that needed country western twang from Speedbuggy and their track STILL MOVIN' ON. There's also the bong riddled smoke filled guitar fuzz of DeGreaser's ERASE MY MIND! I

In issue 6, we wanted to slow it down to a trippy crawl Witches of God bring you some creepy-ness with RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD. Folsom Keller brings the HUMANS a rockin' anthem of angst with The HUMANS! Then we have the sleezy sweaty nasty licks of Sun Trash and their strip club ready, ELECTRIC FEATHERED HAIR. 

And finally, in issue #7, we got an amazing soundtrack instrumental which captured the loss and rage of the issue in Damien Blaise's MOJO's FUNERAL and finished off the b-side with a raunchy, raucous garage punk fueled stomper from Apeshit Simians called SIMIAN STOMP!!

All these song will be off our soundcloud by next Tuesday so this is your last chance to get them until we repost them at the end of the run! So grab'em!!!!

ALSO!!! The HUMANS SOUNDTRACK CONTEST is only till October 25th!!! So send us yer tracks already!!!