KMK's HUMANS For Life Mix

So, we posted Tom's Monkey-fucking Mixtape last week and well, Keenan got a little jealous of his killer youtube playlist and decided to make his own. So here it is!! Click the link below!

KMK's HUMANS For Life Mix

RIP UP THE STREETS!!!!   (image from Lancealot Link Secret Chimp)

RIP UP THE STREETS!!!!   (image from Lancealot Link Secret Chimp)

KMK - So these are tracks that have influenced The HUMANS and my writing of it.
There were a few more tracks/bands i wanted to add but i couldn’t find proper Youtube links for them, so they didn’t make the cut, but here’s what did:

The Bronx Warriors - Drum Solo
This is just one of the coolest moments in film ever… and the drummer is fuckin’ killer. The beat builds into a frenzy. Great pre-rumble soundtrack. Listen to this all the time…

The Spits - “Rip Up The Streets”
The Spits are one of my favorite bands ever and this song sums up the ethos of The HUMANS.
Also a song of a record that was in heavy rotation as i wrote The HUMANS.

Davie Allan & the Arrows - “Blues Theme
The quintessential Biker soundtrack musician/band, Davie Allan and The Arrows did some of the best tracks for some of the best films, but this track is my favorite. The guitar tones is soon fuckin’ beefy and tuff. Love it.

Ty Segall & White Fence Fence - “Easy Ryder”
This collaborative track captures the sound and feel of the era pretty perfectly… I really dig the vague weirdness of the lyrics that make total sense. Especially, “and DONT wash Yer Clothes!”  Hahahaha. A good track

The Black Angels - “Black Grease”
Slow burner… Vietnam ptsd flashback feel to it. Has the right tone and feel. Drips with coolness.

The Oblivians - “Indian In Me”
The Oblivians are The HUMANS type a band. Tuff, mean ad don’t give a fuck. They just ooze with attitude. They’d be a perfect fit at Kirbys Roadhouse.

Motorhead - “Live To Win”
So, I can’t leave out Lemmy. To me, this would be Bobby’s theme song. Its about the power of ego and drive. Great track.

Jerusalem - “Hooded Eagle”
These dudes rule. The whole record is fuckin’ tits. But this track is one of the gems.  
Stoney road-dog guitar fury goodness.

George Brigman - “Don’t Bother Me”
Proto punk weirdo freak badass, George Brigman rules. The attitude and sentiment of this song is 100% The HUMANS. Its a quiet lil’ track of angst and disgust in humanity… I love it.

Pretty Things- “Grass”
Well, we needed a quiet folk song about pussy and pot on this list and this is one of the best.
I’ve got a soft spot for Pretty Things. This is the “love song” of the list.  Very pretty.

The Bizarros - “Jackson’s Pride
These Akron OHIO proto-punk creeps we’re doing their own thing on Clone records in the mid to late 70’s. Really capture the “who gives a fuck” “fuck everything” vibe i try to get in the HUMANS. Love this fuckin' record.

Donovan - “Cosmic Wheels”
This is my favorite Donovan track… Such a druggy feel to it… Its like its asking you to smoke some hash and listen to it while chillin' on yer toadstool. I hear this in my head a lot looking at Toms drawings…

Brain bombs - “After Acid”
One of my favorite bands, Brainbombs are one of the meanest, wrongest(if that was a word), and upsetting bands ever. This track however is a bit their most listener friendly… This does feel like one does AFTER ACID. The poetry of being too fucked up.

Wizzard Sleeve - “Mommy’s Little Baby”
Another one of my favorite bands ever, WS is a sludgy weird menacing punk band from Alabama that would definitely fit in with The HUMANS. This guy later became GARY WRONG and appeared on The HUMANS Soundtrack!!!

MIDNIGHT - “I Am Violator”
This band sounds like The Violators raping Thin Lizzy while listening to Motorhead. They are the perfect mix of punk shitty-ness and metal rippage. If you were gunna go cave in some poor monkeys skull in a brawl, this wouldn't be bad music to get pumped up too...

DMZ - “Don’t Jump Me Mother”
DMZ fucking rule. The HUMANS would definitely listen to this shit.  I rocked there records during writing the entire series. It gets me pumped. They fuckin' rule.

The Monkees - “Can You Dig It”
I am a HUGE unapologetic Monkees fan! (and so is Tom actually) and HEAD is one of my favorite all-time records. Mickey Dolenz is tied with Iggy Pop as my favorite singer ever.  This songs a go-go dancing marijuana fueled party! Can you dig it???

The Screamers - “I Wanna Hurt”
This is basically Johnny theme song… Its as melancholic a song can get, yet it revels in it like a pig in shit. A great band.... "AINT THAT A JOKE! I WANNA HURT!!!"

The Stooges - “Gimme Danger”
From the first moment of the song, your trapped in a swirling drug fueled den of iniquity. It’s an invitation to the darker side of things… Just take Iggy’s hand, he’ll lead the way…

Bits of Shit - “F”
This instrumental rocker comes from down under. Its got a great groove and feels like it could go right along with one of Toms bad-ass action sequences!!!
I love this band and psyched to be working with them in the future!! (you’ll know soon)  

Cuntz - “Never Felt Better”
Also from Australia, CUNTZ are fucking great!!! This song is the song i hear in my head, everyday. I fuckin love it. So does my wife. Its a thing of nihilistic joy, NEVER FELT BETTER!!! Its like something Nada would yell drunk as hell at a party… Also super psyched to be working with them in the future as well!! (we’re announcing it soon!!)

Mammoth - “Mammoth”
Damn. This song rules. A perfect capturing of the time and sound of proto punk psychedelic rockers.  I can just see the mamas dancing’ their asses off to this one. These dudes had a great sound.

Flowers Travelin Band - “Satori Part II”
A lil’ psych guitar madness from Japan. Listen to this record a lot over the years. The high-pitched guitars will linger with you after the track ends.

Funkadelic - “Maggot Brains”
This epic Funkkadelic song is like being lost in the black space of your mind… Whoa… Have a bong toke, put on some big can headphones and leave yer body behind…

The Spits - “Kill The Kool”
This is the song that influenced Johnny’s helmet scrawled credo. Love this song. I totally get it. As you can see, I love The Spits.

The Evolution Revolution!!
And last but no least! The greatest Ape Band on the planet (sorry Boss Kong!), The Evolution Revolution. From one of the best shows ever made. Lancelot Link Secret Chimp. The keyboardist is amazing.

so have a listen to this playlist and if you haven't already, check out Tom's too!!!

AND REMEMBER!! The HUMANS Soundtrack on Soundcloud has new tracks with every issue and will be back up in October!!!