Tom's Monkey-fucking mixtape

Back in January, Tom was asked to make a Humans themed “mixtape” for some website.

Well, they never put it up on their site… maybe Tom's taste is too weird? Who knows… So now we're just gonna post it ourselves. Here's a Youtube playlist of a bunch of stuff Tom's been listening to lately. 

HERE IT IS:::: Tom's MONKEY-FUCKIN' Mixtape!!!!

Tune in. Turn Up. and Drop Out, baby.

Tune in. Turn Up. and Drop Out, baby.


1. Paul Wibier - “Killing for Satan”

The theme from the movie Satan’s Sadists - a great movie, but even better song!


2. Kiss “ Rocket Ride”

I’ve been a card-carrying member of the Kiss Army since 1978. I know they’re ridiculous, but they are also perfect. 


3. Purple Mercy - “1970s Acid Fuckfest”

I bought this album unheard just because of the name of the first track: “1970s Acid Fuck Fest." I was happy to find I love the whole record. This song should be jamming at a Humans party!


4. Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats - “I’ll cut you Down"

I know they’re gettin’ hip now, but this record still kills me. 


5. Bölzer - Entranced by the Wolfs hook

Probably my favorite new metal band of recent years. They’ve only released 5 songs so far but they are all epic. 


6. Judas Priest - “Freewheel Burning” 

Another good motorcycle song! I’ve been listening to these guys as long as I can remember listening to music… (p.s. did you know Rob Halford wrote the introduction to Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever)  * which you can find here::: Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever


7. Sir Admiral Cloudsley Shovel - “Shake Your Head"

Another favorite new dirty rock-noroll band from the UK. Rumor has it, they might even be doing a song for The Humans soundtrack to be released later this year!


8. Scorpions -  "Animal Magnetism"

If you thought the Scorpions were only about “Rock you like a Hurricane” you need to dig deeper. This song has a good doom groove. This song is about fucking. 


9. Night Satan - “Stars, Our Destination”

My buddy Josh Barnett bought this for me just because of the title. He thought it was a metal album, but actually it’s all John-Carpenter-esque synth music. They are from Finland. The picture of the band shows them posing in a snowy field dressed like a black metal band holding lazer guns. They are weird and they rule. 


10. Youth Code - "What is the Answer”

I love seeing a friends’ band come out of nowhere and then take off and dominate! Youth Code Forever!


11. HO99O9 “Da Blue Nigga From Hell Boy”

We met these guys at the LA Art Book Fair. I’m anxious to hear more of them.


12. Beast Milk - “Love in a cold world”

One of my favorite recent records… If I was a DJ for a party at the end of the world...


13. Darkthrone - “F.O.A.D.”

HAIL DARKTHRONE! Nobody beats Darkthrone. 


14. Arlo Guthrie - The Motorcycle Song  

“I don’t wanna pickle, I just wanna ride my motorcycle".  Probably the best song ever written about a motorcycle:


And while we’re at it, here’s a youtube video of me drawing with two of the songs released as part of the Humans soundtrack: