Time to ROAR: "I want The Humans Volume 1: Humans for Life!"

Keenan, Kristina and I are very proud to announce the first collection of our cult-hit series The Humans will be hitting the streets in one month – Wednesday, March 11th! This collection includes issues 1 through 4 of the Image Comics series, as well as the coveted issue #0 that we self-published last summer and sold out of immediately! We’ve also crammed in some other fun extras along with all the covers I’ve done and the awesome pinups by Benjamin Marra, Johnny Ryan, Skinner, Katie Skelly and Kristina Collantes!

This week is the week to make sure your local comic shops and book stores have pre-ordered copies for the release date. These days, pre-orders are important for publishing books, so we’re rallying our Humans Army to spread the word about this book and make sure your shops know you want it!

If you don’t have a comic shop or bookstore nearby, you can also pre-order on Amazon and that helps us, too! Look! It’s less than $10!!! 

Get out there and ROAR: “I WANT THE HUMANS!!!”

And don’t forget we have patches and t-shirts and prints available in The Humans Webstore at our website Humansforlife.com

And don’t worry – We ain’t done! The Humans will return with issue #5 in May!

- Tom