The HUMANS #9!!!!!!!!!! & The HUMANS Go NUCLEAR!!!

Alright scumbags!!!! Issue #9 is out tomorrow!!! You'd best get off yer ass and grab yerself a copy or we'll send Karns after yer ass! Its the most brutal issue yet!!!!!!

you might recognize the loose influence behind this cover....

ALSO:::  We're doing this killer event on Friday!!

Lets go APESHIT Laguna Hills!!!!

Lets go APESHIT Laguna Hills!!!!

We are pumped to finally get to hang with our peeps at Nuclear Comics!!! Come out and party with us and we'll sign yer crap, give ya bad ape sketches, get drunk and talk shit. Here is our events page: The HUMANS go Nuclear!!!
Let us know yer coming and join the event!! We hope to see you there!!!