The HUMANS invade Bakersfield!!!!

The HUMANS creative team of Keenan Marshall Keller, Tom Neely, and Kristina Collantes are hitting Bakersfield for 2 days of savage comic fun! 

Let's go bananas!!!

Let's go bananas!!!

It all starts Saturday, November 21st at Babylon : The HUMANS INVADE BAKO!

The HUMANS team will be signing comics, slanging merch and Djing some HUMANS inspired tunes!! We also got 3 killer fuckin' bands playing!!

ZIG-ZAGS (L.A.'s thrash punk brainded warriors)

The Sorority (Heavy, Hard and Driving rock from the Oakland)

Douche Metal (Bakersfields own crazy ass monkey-fuckers)

$7/Without membership

co-sponsored by the Bakersfield Comic-Con!


Then: On Sunday November 22nd, They'll be (hungover) at Bakersfield Comic-Con!!!

Come out and help us party thru our hangovers from the nite before!!!

We'll have single issues, VOL.1 TPB, T-shirts, patches, prints, black-light posters, sketchbooks, The HUMANS butterfly comb, roach-clip keychain, and buttons!!

So if your anywhere near here, make a fuckin' trip of it and come out and party with us!!! We're fuckin' psyched!!!