See what people are already saying about our self-published #0 issue: 

Watch us look like idiots being interviewed by MMA champ (and future Human Skin-fight champ) Josh Barnett on 
Josh Barnett Conquers the World !

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"The Humans - an epic tale of big hairy apes on badass choppers looking for sleazy, biker gang exploitation style kicks in an alternative, bleak and nihilistic version of late 1960’s California" 
The Comics Beat

"Neely's... typical quality character design, and action choreography are present here in the premier issue of the series."
Comics Tavern

Razorcake Interviewed Tom and Keenan.

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"But, low and behold, i’m sitting here a few minutes later, head filled with these grandiose yearnings to get sloppy drunk, jump on (somebody’s) motorcycle and blast up the 5 freeway. I mean, i’m most definitely gonna turn off The Jesus Lizard, shower this dumb idea away and head to work in a bit, but that doesn’t make this tangent any less genuine. The Humans made me feel something good and I’d say thats a success."
- Purging the Heap

There's an interview in Heavy Cream Zine #2 (print only)

"A fantastic, independently released Issue #0 set the atmosphere in black and white, but full color is really going to rock out. Tom Neely is one of my favorite indie comics creators, and it looks like he’s hit the jackpot with Keenan Marshall Keller‘s weird ape wars. On sale November 5."

Famous Monsters of Filmland

“Every so often, someone pitches a book that just sounds too crazy to be true, and I mean that in the best way possible. Chew was one of those books. Sex Criminals was another one. Everything about The Humans seems completely nuts, and I think that’s why people are going to love it!”
- Eric Stephenson, Publisher at Image Comics